John Harkins Wins Inaugural Barry Arnold Person of the Year in Indiana

John Harkins named Indiana BPA person of the year
TJ Jorgensen

TJ Jorgensen

NSA National Media Director

SOUTH BEND, IN: John Harkins has been presented the inaugural Barry Arnold Person of the Year award during the opening ceremonies at Four Winds Field (home of the Chicago Cubs minor league affiliate) of the BPA World Series in Northern Indiana.

Former Indiana BPA State Director and BPA Hall of Famer Darrell Garbacik presented the award.
“Why Barry Arnold? Barry was born on December 20, 1965, but we lost him on February 11, 2020,” Garbacik explained. “It’s twofold. Bear was a bigger-than-life character and had an unmatched charisma. But mostly, Barry was a caring and supportive person. He was always a parent first and then an umpire. Moms and dads especially loved Barry Arnold! That’s Barry Arnold. He cared about the kids, and it was always about the kids.”
“Barry best epitomized BPA umpiring both in philosophy and practice. Barry was receptive to learning as a new umpire and mastered umpiring. Off the field, Barry was a great mentor to BPA umpires. Barry best walked and talked it, always. Barry led and mentored BPA umpires by example.”
Barry’s family joined Garbacik and the BPA umpires on the field to present the inaugural award to Barry’s long-time partner, John Harkins. 

“Barry was a great guy and a BPA ambassador,” said NSA/BPA CEO Bill Horton. “John is well deserving of this very prestigious award and the home office congratulates him.”
“The Game Is For the Kids,” Garbacik added. “And Barry made sure of that.”