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NSA Sports Desk

Sports Desk • 2023 Convention Day 4:
HOF Inductees and Tacos!

Picture of TJ Jorgensen

TJ Jorgensen

NSA National Media Director

Its Hall of Fame induction day! 
Day four of the 2023 NSA/BPA National Convention in Lakeland, Florida is in the books and it featured a full day of meetings and trainings and closed out with an epic night at Swan Brewing, featuring C! Tacos – compliments of Central Florida Sports! 
In today’s show, we also get a closer look at all six Hall of Fame inductees leading up to tonight’s Hall of Fame ceremony and awards banquet. The following people/organizations were elected last year and will be inducted tonight at 8:30pm:
  • Dale Gellner – Director Category
  • Jim Piercefield – Director Category
  • Mike DellaRocco – Umpire Category
  • Steven Endress – Umpire Category
  • Angela Salcido  – Meritorious Category
  • Kankakee River Road Sports Complex – Park Category


You can watch the live stream of tonight’s HOF ceremony right here on or on Facebook.

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